Battle Toss

Battle Toss
21858 Forestview Circle
Brook Park Ohio
Booth: 257

Company Description:

Battle Toss is a game in which two teams, made up of 1 or more players alternate tossing their colored ping pong balls into the game basket at the top of the game board. The throwing distance is agreed upon by the teams. The team that aligns four of their colored balls in a row, horizontal, vertically or diagonally wins the battle. Battle Toss combines entertainment, friendly competition, skill and a little luck.

The game has US Patent #10,493,343 and Canadian Patent #CA 3073250. We an approved registered trademark and Trade Name Battle Toss.

The game is manufactured in Russell’s home workshop in his hometown of Brook Park, Ohio. The game is handcrafted from wood and made in the USA

Show Specials:

Show Price is $100.00 (tax Included) for a complete game unit. You get the game unit- Fully assembled, Ball Box (assembly required), Two (20 each) Battle Balls (various colors), and game instructions.

Certifications & Awards

City Resolution Battle Toss Created in the City of Brook Park

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