Bexa Boutique LLC

Bexa Boutique LLC
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Company Description:

Pretty Crafty Lady is an individual brand sold with Bexa Boutique.
At Bexa Boutique, we celebrate individuality and offer a carefully curated selection of products that allow you to express your personal style and embrace the things you love. From exquisite handmade jewelry to captivating artwork and decor, our collection is designed to inspire and delight.

Pretty Crafty Lady is the artistic outlet for Bexa Boutique's founder - Rebecca Black.

In addition to her jewelry, Rebecca's artistic vision extends to home decor items that add a touch of glamour and luxury to any space. Her collection boasts an impressive array of headbands adorned with shimmering gemstones, wine glasses that exude opulence, charcuterie boards and lazy susans that flawlessly merge functionality with artistry, coasters that elevate any tabletop setting, and wall art that serves as a captivating centerpiece.

Bexa Boutique is a mix of items which mix flawlessly with Pretty Crafty Lady. We offer Women's fashion jewelry, christmas accessories, home decor items and more! Almost everything has a little sparkle and flair!

New Products

Unique Grinch decor, luxury charcuterie boards, holiday jewelry and accessories, game day gear and more!

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