Futboleros Soccer

Futboleros Soccer
South Bend IN
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Futboleros Soccer/Kicking Training Device for ages 4+ of all Levels.

This is the best toy/trainer you will ever buy! I guarantee it!
No batteries, chargers, internet, iPhone or iPad needed.

No experience needed to use or any soccer experience. This kicking training device will help with motor skills, coordination, fitness, strength and quick foot skills. If you play soccer, even better, this will help with using both feet. It's like real life playing soccer when the ball comes back to you. You never have to chase a ball again or need anyone to play with.

This will give you thousands of touched in minutes. Get a workout in minutes without having to run after a ball. Great for rehab. Guaranteed to keep anyone kicking. Use it Indoors or Outdoors. The trainer can be bought individually or bought with a matching soccer ball. Happy Kicking!

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Free Sling Bag with $40+ purchase or 10% off 2 or more purchase sets.

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Limited New Soccer Ball Designs.

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