Lu Lu’s Suds

Lu Lu’s Suds
9435 Ash Ridge Winchester Road
Winchester OH
Booth: 861

Company Description:

As Chief Goat Herder & Milking Chick I created recipes for our products after showering the goat stink (just the bucks smell) and practicing on our neighbors.

Goat milk is only in three items. Soap, Lotion & Shave Bars!

We also make shower polish, which is whipped soap with sugar, oils & fragrance. Much easier to use and less messy!

Body Butter is the go-to for the dry winter months. Designed to be absorbed into your skin to soften and moisturize.

For Momma's we offer Lemon/Lavender Belly Balm, Udder Cream for nursing moms without Lanolin! Nana's Hinny Paste is a winner! No petroleum. Benefit of Bentonite Clay, zinc and soothing chamomile.

For men and women we have shave bars. With olive oil and coconut oil as the main ingredient expect soft moisturized skin with the added help of Bentonite Clay.

To soften beards and moisturize facial skin we offer beard balm.

Please drop by and say "Hi"
Judy & Nicholas (my chatty son)

New Products

Acqua Di Eli fragrance soap, lotion, shower polish, body butter, shave bars, beard balm, body wash.
New body wash Honey Oatmeal & Vanilla
Nana's Chub Rub

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