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MinusG, LLC

MinusG, LLC
P.O. Box 901
Chardon OH
Booth: 315

Company Description:

MinusG is a gluten-free baking mix company that makes outrageously delicious baking options for those with Celiac, gluten intolerance or with food allergies (omitting the top 8 food allergens and more). What sets MinusG apart is that each mix tastes better than even its best gluten counterpart.. Now everyone can enjoy eating the same meal, eliminating the need to make multiple dishes.

New Products

6 new limited edition holiday mixes: Pumpkin Roll Mix (makes 2 9-inch rolls), Cornbread Mix (makes 9”x9”), Donut Mix (makes 24 donuts), Cinnamon Roll Mix (makes 8 3-inch rolls), Sugar Cookie Mix (makes 3 dozen), Snowball Cookie Mix (makes 3 dozen).

Product Images:

NEW Limited Edition Holiday Mixes <br />Thru December 31st.
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NEW Cinnamon Roll Mix
Holiday Gifting.
NEW Pumpkin Roll Mix ~ Limited Edition