The Bathing Goddess

The Bathing Goddess
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Your one stop shop for bathing products fit for a goddess!
Our goats milk soaps were born from recipes made from scratch, tested over a year until the perfect combination was found. Using scientific level of knowledge of the properties of each ingredient, such as the oils, butters, sodium hydroxide, water and fat content, The Bathing Goddess produced a bar of soap that is balanced to clean without drying your natural barrier- skin.
We offer an extended line of luscious skin goods- whipped sugar scrubs, shea butter lotion, bath bombs, shower steamers, shampoo bars, heel to toe foot conditioner, beard balm, body spray, solid lotion, foaming bath salts, deet free solid bug repellant, lip balms, shaving soap pucks, and more. You won't be disappointed!

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Buy 7 items for $36, normally $42- includes any soap, 2 oz lotion, shower steamers, bath bombs, body spray, or foaming bath salts.

New Products

Now offering vegan soaps made with oat milk!

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